Food & Drinks

Marche is far from the Tuscan tourist bustle and thus every trip to a restaurant is quite reasonable. Even the beach chalets serve delicious food, especially fish dishes at the best affordable prices. The ideal geographic location of Marche makes it possible to enjoy both fish and meat.

Fish Market San Benedetto

In San Benedetto del Tronto you will find one of the most important fishing ports of the Adriatic coast and a remarkable fish market. The "Brodetto alla Sambenedettese", a tasty fish soup prepared from many different types of fish is the culinary specialty of the area. Over the centuries, San Benedetto del Tronto has become one of the most important Italian tourism and fishing Centers.

Maccheroncini di Campofilone

The Maccheroncini di Campofilone are very thin egg noodles which are not only famous throughout Italy, but all over the world. The finely cut fresh pasta, also known as “angels hair” dates back to the sixteenth century. The annual Sagra (festival) typically held during the second weekend in August is always a highlight in the calendar.


The aperitif is more than just a drink in Marche. The classic aperitif is a passionate habit: sitting together, enjoying a delicious drink while savoring the Italian fingerfood. That's the perfect way to start the perfect evening, la dolce vita.


 The Italians like to have a quick sweet breakfast. An espresso or a cappuccino and a cream or chocolate filled croissant (brioche or cornetto).


Between 800 - 100 BC the wine became popular in this region. Through continuous refining and selection, the grape varieties were expertly refined until the extraordinary grapes cultivated today emerged. The local wines are particularly tasty and very reasonably priced, sometimes even cheaper than water.

Local farmers

Farmers in the neighborhood are always proud to offer their fruit, vegetables, eggs and olives at an unbeatable price. We recommend these products because they are very fresh, healthy and delicious.

Drinking water

The tap water in the appartments is good mountain spring water and can be enjoyed without any concerns.



Villa Caravaggio

Via Caravaggio 46

63828 Campofilone