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Villa Caravaggio is located in the province of "Marche" in central Italy on the Adriatic coast. Crisscrossed by numerous rivers and protected in the west by the Apennines, this varied hilly landscape is suitable for producing high-quality wine. A visit to the attractive region is more than worthwhile, because in addition to the traditional old villages, the unique landscape, the inviting sea and the friendliness of the people, Marche offers an exquisite range of culinary specialties.



It is important to us that our guests not only see and experience the nature but also taste it.Therefore, in cooperation with the local farmers we produce wine and olive oil of the highest Quality.

Vino Bianco

Vino Rosso

Olio d´Oliva



Villa Caravaggio

Via Caravaggio 46

63828 Campofilone